Three technologies ideal for smart homes in 2016

Nest Thermostat

Aside from traditional furniture, a modern home requires tech gadgets to keep it looking smart and efficient. There have been various technologies introduced lately that have turned ordinary » Read More

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9 Bathroom Hygiene Mistakes

Clean Bathroom

Did you know the average person visits the bathroom between 6-8 times per day? That’s around 2,500 visits per year, and can add up to 3 years worth of time over the course of our lives*. » Read More

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City View: Plymouth an up and coming City

Plymouth Home

Plymouth is a city with a rich maritime history. During the industrial revolution it grew as a major commercial shipping port handling goods and passengers from all over the world. With its » Read More

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Top 11 things you should Clean more often

Home Hygiene

After hours of scrubbing, polishing and sweeping you might think you've got dirt busted, but here are 11 everyday things you might want to include in your next cleaning session: Ears Cotton » Read More

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Top Tips for first Time Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

Getting a foot on the property ladder has always been a significant step to take, but in these austere economic times it may seem like more of a pipe dream than a rite of passage to many young » Read More

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How to Find a Tradesman you can Trust

Home Tradesman

As a homeowner, you may find yourself in need of an expert tradesman for various projects around the home. This could be anything from an unexpected problem or emergency that has arisen to a » Read More

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Extracting the best from your Kitchen Ventilation System

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Residential ventilation systems help to keep areas of your home, such as the kitchen and bathroom, properly ventilated. Examples of the options available include fans, range hoods, and heaters » Read More

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Planning Permission and Building Restrictions: how does it Work?

Home Project Planning

When do I need planning permission? You'll need to consider planning permission if you're looking to build a new structure, make major changes to your existing home or change the use of a » Read More

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Flooring Solutions for a Modern Home – Vinyl Tiles and Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl Sheet Floors

Doors, furniture and wall colour – it's all important but how much thought have you given to flooring? It is tempting to play it safe by carpeting the entire house in one neutral colour, but » Read More

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Things to do before Painting your Floor

Floor Painting

Are you dreading painting your floor? If so we have created a simple, helpful and straightforward guide with steps to follow. Brush away the dirt If you want to achieve the desired result, » Read More

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