Ideal Awnings for Home Owners


If you would like to use awnings for home purposes then you are not alone. This extremely home-friendly apparatus is acquired by many home owners for a lot of very good reasons. One such reason is that awnings greatly improve the appearance of your home making it look more attractive and adding a more wholesome appeasing feel to it. Apart from adding to the aesthetic beauty of your home awnings also increase the overall value of your house. By far the most popular reason why this fixture is so highly sought after is because of the cooling and shade it provides against the heat and direct rays of the sun. This saves a lot of households from having to turn and leave their air conditioning on too often, which in effect helps reduce the amount of money they spend on their energy bills and adds great comfort to their living space, both inside and outside. But it’s not only the sun and heat that these devices are good for. Awnings are also excellent for providing shelter in the event of sudden rainfall. When placed above windows that are left open protection is also provided to prevent rain from entering into and dampening the inside of the home.

There are two main types of awnings for home owners to choose from. The first is one that is fixed by design. Fixed awnings, or canopies as they are sometimes called, are permanently attached to the home. They are solely created to protect windows and entrances from poor weather conditions as well as offer shade from direct sunlight or bright lights. If windows are left to the poor weather conditions they will need to be replaced, and you can contact Mentor Window to get them replaced. Awnings, like blinds, can keep the sun and heat out of your house. This version of awning is a good choice for families in properties based in an area that receives a lot of sunshine as it provides constant cooling of the home. Fixed awnings are amongst the cheapest available because they are less complicated to build than the other form and do not require any additional hardware to function. This means that those with very little technical know-how can set it up themselves and without having to pay for professional assistance.

Despite this, a permanent fixture to the home of this kind is not always an ideal choice for the simple fact that once it is joined to the structure of the house it is not an easy task to remove it, for example, in the event that you change your view about the appearance of it. Another possible disadvantage is that it cannot be retracted during extreme weather conditions such as gusty winds and intense storms, which could potentially cause damage to the awning and the building if it is pulled off the wall.

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AwningThe second array of awnings home owners can purchase are those that can be controlled manually and those which do not permanently join to the home. This type is called a retractable awning which offers the same benefits of sun and weather protection as well as cooling like fixed awnings do, but delivers some further advantages because of its flexibility. When the sun is up and shining you can open this awning to keep the heat and the bright sunlight out of your home, while on cooler days you can leave these awnings up and take advantage of the heat naturally and inexpensively provided by the sun. Additionally, when bad weather is on its way, you can retract the awning and reduce any risk of damaging it or your home. There are models that can be open and closed manually and even some that move back and forth automatically.

It is with this type of fixture where real savings can be made on energy bills, due to the complete control it offers over when and how home owners wish to use it. In comparison to the fixed awning, this more convenient cousin is also seen to be more attractive as it does not include any structural set up of posts to obstruct or block your view. It is for these reasons why many see retractable awnings as the more sensible option of the two. In contrast to fixed awnings, the retractable version is usually more costly to acquire. However, some fixed canopies require that the posts be cemented into the ground in which case would make it more expensive than the average retractable awning. Also, for the given fact that users can decide when to have their shade open or closed would mean more energy cuts in the long run.

When it comes to making a selection for your home it is recommended that you do some behind-the-scenes work and take a look at what many different shops have to offer so that you can decide on what kind of options you want. For example, would you be alright with expending your efforts turning a wheel every time you wanted to lower or raise your awning or would you prefer to use a remote control and have the awning open and close automatically? Generally speaking, an automated system is more convenient as adjustments can be made as and when the sun shifts across the sky, allowing the amount of light received to be managed. As indirectly mentioned before, awnings do not have to be installed on to the house. There are structures made from wood or aluminium which home owners can use to support them.

Also, decide on what it is you most require the awning for so that you know exactly where it will be placed. For example, window awnings for home purposes may be required to prevent sun damage and fading to furniture, carpets and drapes in particular areas of your home. You may also gain benefit from ordering custom awnings to fit the dimensions of your patio, deck, entryways or garden exactly. A great way to weigh your options and get a good idea of the various designs and options different manufacturers have to offer is to visit home and garden shows. Just make sure to compare different brands with similar options and features so that you make a selection that makes sense to you.

There are all sorts of awnings made from water-resistant materials which include canvas, vinyl and acrylic yarns. These fabrics are made breathable so that heat does not become trapped underneath them. Canvas awnings for home are of the most widely available and popular variety of material. A good tip is to focus on the quality of the fabric and to try and choose one that is waterproof as well as resistant to mould. Also, ensure that the awning you buy blocks at least ninety percent of the suns UV rays and resists fading.


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