Buying A New Vacuum – What To Look For

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Vacuum cleaners have advanced tremendously in recent years and the choice is now verging on overwhelming. With machines being invented for every type of floor, not just carpets, it is important to research thoroughly before parting with your money.

When venturing out to the store you need to ask certain questions. Do you need an upright or a bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner? Are you better off with a multi-floor or a handheld device? Unless you know exactly what you need, you may find yourself staring helplessly at aisle after aisle of machines, all designed for different floors and surfaces.
Here is a breakdown of what different vacuums can offer and it may help you to identify what it is that you need in your home to suit your space.

Staying upright at all times

Upright vacuum cleaners are instantly recognisable as a traditional form of vacuum. They are normally pushed with a handle and contain an assortment of attachments to help clean different parts of the home. You will often find a nozzle that will stretch into hard to reach pieces, and a brush that can be used to gently clean blinds and curtains.
The advantages of these machines are they are usually heavier and sturdier and can attack things like pet hair or heavily-piled carpets.

The downside is they tend not to be as effective on hard-tiled or wooden floors and can be quite laborious to manoeuvre.

The cylindrical option

Cylinder vacuum cleaners are often smaller units that are on wheels, often found in smaller homes or flats. They are fabulous for being able to reach tricky spots and remove tricky specks of dirt, and this is achieved by the long hose that is used to suck up the grime. In terms of storage, because of the size they can often be easily tucked away without requiring an entire cupboard to be kept in.

A handheld vacuum cleaner is more typically used as an additional option, where you will normally have a main vacuum as well. These handy little items can suck up spills and can also be used on couches, rugs and in the car, making them an ideal multi-purpose buy.


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