Changing Doors in your Home

Home Doors

Home design is about more than just wall color and flooring; it’s about furniture, furnishings and other fixtures. From the curtains to the carpets, the doors to the windows – your home is comprised of many customizable features and here is a guide to changing one of the most commonly overlooked areas: the doors.

The first thing you need to consider when changing the doors in your home is which doors should be replaced. Properties typically contain both interior and exterior doors and the features of each will vary.

Exterior doors

For exterior doors, a secure structure with plenty of rigidity is what is needed. The locking mechanism needs to be secure and features such as letterboxes included. Traditional materials for these doors include uPVC and wood with double glazed glass panels helping to bring light into the house without compromising on safety.

When changing these doors you ultimately need to choose between timber doors and uPVC varieties – matching the door to your style of home. The level of decoration or embellishment you choose is also important as is the type of glass paneling, if any, you select. Frosted or decorated glass is often a popular choice as it allows light to enter the home whilst still distorting the view inside your property to protect your valuables from opportunistic thieves and burglars.

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Where used as a front door, lettering or signage must also be given thought as should additional features such as a spy-hole or door knocker/door bell.

Interior doors

When it comes to the doors used within your home, choice will once again be plentiful. These doors may not need the exact same security credentials of exterior doors but they still need to offer secure closings and fastenings, especially if fitted on potentially hazardous rooms such as the kitchen.

Again, the style and material of the door will vary depending on your personal preference and timber doors are the most common choice for within the home. The main reason for this is they are a cheaper option and offer more variety – allowing you to customize the design, color and finish depending on your preferences. This means that a simple coat of varnish or a lick of paint could be all it takes to keep your doors in-keeping with the style of your home.

Again, the choice over glass paneling is left to personal preferences and opinions are divided. For centralized rooms, such as the living room, interior doors with glass panels are common whilst bathrooms and bedrooms typically feature plainer door styles without glass.


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