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A new pillow concept has emerged entitled Charcolive. The concept is based on two Japanese traditions. The first is a pillow filled with seeds or pieces of plastic, while the second is a pillow filled with charcoal. There are greater benefits to the second type of pillow filled with charcoal such as the odor and humidity absorbing capabilities, as well as its properties for negative ion generation. These advantages are merged into one single Charcolive pillow due to the fact that each one is filled with charcoal of entire olive pit. This means that the pillow has the same properties as other pillows filled with granular particles only this time each one incorporates the full quality of the charcoal.

The pillow also fits the contours of the body to firmly support the head and neck while sleeping (similar to other granular filled pillows) thus providing great comfort.

Another advantage of this pillow is that it does not produce mold or harbor any bugs. This is because it has been treated at more than 850ºF. At this temperature all the organic materials and chemicals have received sufficient heat to remove all unwanted materials. In contrast, other fillers like seeds and vegetable chips do not go through the same process and therefore do not have the same bug and mold free disposition.

What makes this pillow truly stand out is the charcoal granules which absorb humidity as well as bad odor, and increase the negative ion concentration under light currents of air.

Charcolive pillows can be summarized as:

  • Ergonomic: Each pillow facilitates correct sleeping posture by firmly and gently adjusting to the contours of the head and neck, and providing muscle relaxation during sleep. Thus, it eliminates accumulated daily tension, and can help you have much better rest and wellbeing.
  •  Breathable: The size and shape of the pits permit air to pass through: therefore, preventing overheating and notable perspiration.
  •  Odor/moisture eliminating: Because the olive pits are powerful absorbents, they eliminate odors and moisture.

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Olive Charcoal

Olive CharcoalCharcolive is an olive pit charcoal that due to its pore size distribution is suitable for removing small molecules causing strange odors and tastes. Also it is able to generate negative ion. It is made of the seeds discarded in the edible olives manufacturing process, contributes to the recycling of natural resources and helps to conserve the environment. After use, it can be utilized for soil improvement as its properties also improves soil porosity and removes pesticides from the soil. Its shape makes it unique and ideal for filling pillows.

Pillow Range

There are currently three pillows in the Charcolive range. One pillow is for those that prefer sleeping on their back (Natura pillow). The second pillow is for those that prefer resting on their side (Supreme pillow) and another pillow is made essentially for use while traveling (Mini pillow). Each pillow in the range is made from completely natural materials, including cotton, wool and linen, and is filled with olive pit charcoal. The result is perfect comfort for the head and neck.

Charcolive pillows have become synonymous with quality sleep and wellness in Europe and Japan, where they have already been available in stores both online and offline.

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