Reasons to consider a Double Mattress


The mattress is the most important part of any bed. The type and size of mattress you choose to use can be the difference between a good night’s (or day’s) rest and a terrible one. This is why it is important to be properly informed before committing to the purchase of a bed. Mattresses come in various different sizes. The double mattress is the size most used in homes, apartments and many other dwellings. This is because it has more than enough room to sleep one and can adequately fit a couple of adults without it being a tight squeeze. They are perfectly suitable for individuals with an average build.

A double bed mattress comes in various unique types. Latex is one of these types. The distinct attribute of a latex mattress is that it helps to reduce pressure on the joints so that the body is relieved of stress and strain. The double memory foam mattress works in the same way as latex – to relieve pressure – but a lot more effectively. It is made from a special heat sensitive material that moulds to the exact shape of the body so that all pressure zones are completely eliminated. Memory foam mattresses fully support the body allowing blood to circulate freely and a natural lying position to be achieved, resulting in a flawless night’s sleep. This unique material can also be experienced in the form of a memory foam mattress topper, which can be fitted on top of an existing mattress or, depending on its thickness, can be used as a mattress on its own.

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Other types of double mattresses include the pocket-sprung and open-sprung mattress. Pocket-sprung mattresses have become the most common type of mattress and are generally of higher quality than open-sprung mattresses. They contain many small metal springs inside which are covered with a soft material so that the springs cannot be felt. Each spring responds to the individual part of the body giving support where it is needed. They are ideal for couples as any movement by an individual on one side of the bed does not affect the other individual on the opposite side of the bed. Open-sprung mattresses are not known to be as comfortable as the pocket-sprung mattress. Unlike the pocket-sprung mattress, they are made of coil springs wired together, which when laid on move together at once. Open-sprung mattresses are more suitable in places of infrequent use such as guest rooms.

As is the case with most products in this range, you get what you pay for. Memory foam and latex are the more expensive types of double mattress, followed by the pocket-sprung and then the open-sprung mattress. These mattresses can be found in almost all furniture stores. If you are looking for a cheap double mattress that doesn’t substitute price for quality searching for a store with a mattress sale would be a good way to go.

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