Types of Floor Furnace Covers

Victorian Floor Furnace Covers

When choosing floor furnace covers the first thing every floor furnace user should be aware of is that they come in many different designs and materials. They also come in different shapes and sizes which means that the type of cover required will heavily depend on the type of floor furnace installation already in the home and the dimensions of the opening in the floor. The best way to keep on top of this task is to use the existing grate you have available, making a note of its dimensions, to measure and compare with other covers available. This way you will have a much better idea what to look for making it a much easier task.

Floor furnace covers are generally made from wood, metal or (the least popular) plastic. The type of material you choose will highly rest upon the type of décor in your home as well as how well it fits in the opening. Although it is possible to paint metal floor furnace grates it is not recommended to do so as the paint will chip and wear off quite quickly leaving an unattractive sight. Wooden covers on the other hand are more durable if you wish to add your own personal touch through painting or staining the finish. However, in contrast they are significantly more expensive than metal.

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Abstract Floor Furnace CoversThere are a huge variety of floor furnace covers to choose from by design. These range from traditional to abstract all the way to oriental cover designs which all happen to incorporate a unique feel and touch of their own. Other common choices include victorian, art deco and flush mounted coverings each also having their own unique placing in the floor. Choosing the right design should not be too difficult as it only depends on your taste. However, it is a good idea to check the quality of the material to make sure that it will last.

The last thing anyone wants is to buy something that looks good but does not last so this is certainly something to keep in mind. Some floor furnace covers also come with a built-in filter. Although not as effective as a high efficiency gas furnace with a filter this is a great way to lower the amount of dust particles and other allergens travelling around the home without having to do a complete reinstall of your furnace system.

It cannot be emphasized more how important it is to get the measurements right first. The essential aspects that should be taken into account are the width and height of the furnace opening, rounding up to the nearest whole value. Most coverings are made standardized so that there is a little room available around the cover. In the event that a suitable grate cannot be found you may need to request a custom-made one in your particular choice of design. These are available in many home improvement stores and are an excellent way to properly set up your new floor furnace cover.

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