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Whether you’re moving into a new home or redecorating your old one, getting more furniture for less is important when you could be spending a large amount of money. Many people think they are forced to pay extortionate amounts of money to outfit their home in new furniture, but this is not at all necessary – in fact, you can find cheap furniture in a variety of places. If you’re working hard at updating or readying your home, it can seem like a lot of effort to spend much time looking for places to shop. Of course, you’re tired – moving, for one, is one of the most stressful situations and that alone can be absolutely exhausting. But spending the time shopping around could save you a large sum of money and will enable you to find precisely the furniture you want, rather than settling for something that isn’t quite what you’d wanted. As such, spending the time required to find inexpensive shops could actually make a big difference.

Another thing to consider is the quantity of furniture you can afford. A cheaper store may allow you to purchase all the furniture you need at one time. There is nothing quite like being able to sit down in the knowledge that you’ve finished furnishing the room in question, and obviously a cheaper shop will allow you to do that for less money. This lets you close off the home improvement chapter entirely, and you can relax in the knowledge that your home is done. Finding inexpensive furniture starts with the right kind of shop.

There are several options there in terms of the type of furniture you can expect. Ikea offers inexpensive options which will last, but require some assembly. If you quite enjoy sitting around putting your own furniture together, then this is the perfect choice for you. Additionally, Ikea’s furniture allows for a great deal of customization. There are entire websites dedicated to the idea of “Ikea hacking” which are stuffed to bursting with creative ways to use their standard furniture. But even without modifying the furniture, the options at your service are exceedingly flexible. For example, some of their shelving selections are specifically designed to allow you a great deal of flexibility and you are able to use them to suit your precise need. Other shops may be able to provide you with lovely furniture which is more expensive, but by waiting until the sales come around, you can get achieve big savings.

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Bedroom FurnitureAnother suitable alternative that many people fail to consider is finding furniture for less at charity shops. There is a perceived stigma involved with buying second-hand furniture, but with a small change in thinking, it’s easy to see why this is unnecessary. First of all, some of the furniture you can buy at charity shops is amazing. Sideboards, tables, footstool, and chests of drawers built to last to a standard that simply can’t be found in conventional furniture shops.

You can find certain items which are hand-made for a fraction of the cost of an equivalent item bought new from a traditional furniture shop. There is also an environmental factor involved; there is a carbon-footprint involved in building new furniture that is not present when the furniture has already been used by another family. As such, buying second-hand furniture can help to preserve the environment over the long term. Colors you dislike can be dealt with quite easily through the application of a lick of paint, and you could even help homeless and destitute people find their feet by purchasing your furniture through Emmaus, a charity which helps people in need find a purpose and a profession through the restoration and renovation of second-hand furniture. Of course, a downside to this method is that you may have to look for a long time before you find the right piece as there’s no way to predict what will or won’t be available.

You can have a lot of success by looking online. Online furniture stores can often provide you with inexpensive furniture and sometimes you can make excellent deals even on high-quality items. A good way to go about finding the right stores for you online is through Google’s shopping interface. You can list your results by price from the lowest to the highest, and find some amazing deals. Look by item – beds, slip covered sofas, tables – and you’re sure to find something. Do remember to bear shipping cost in mind when you order online, and be aware that shipping will also take time. That said, most physical shops will require a few days to ship your new sofa, bed or entertainment center and you’re not really missing out in those terms.

When you need furniture, planning is imperative. Finding more furniture for less at a time when you’re mid-renovation, for example, can be a bit of a problem. If you’re planning to revamp one of your rooms or predicting a move that will require new furniture, starting to look now may be the best idea. You can rent a storage space to store what you find, or tuck it away in a friend or family member’s garage. Even with the rental costs for the storage space added in, you could be saving hundreds and even thousands of pounds by buying when the price is right, rather than waiting until the time is, too. If you’re only re-doing one room, you can store the furniture in another room for the time being. This prevents you from missing out on furniture you love when the prices drop and make it affordable for you to buy what you want.

Dining FurnitureIf you have any awkward angles or corners to contend with, drawing a little map of the room in question may be a good idea. Graph paper can be used for a scaled-down map using real measurements, and if you take measuring tape along to the cheap furniture stores you visit you’ll be able to ensure that you don’t buy anything that won’t fit into your room or rooms. A tried-and-true method to make sure everything will fit before you buy is by then using more graph paper to make scale models of the furniture you are considering.

You can then fiddle with them and fit them around the map of your room to ensure that they will fit. Obviously this won’t account for any odd angles or bits sticking out above floor level, but it can be an excellent way to decide how to rearrange your room. Don’t forget to account for your doors – make sure you block off enough space for your doors to open comfortably. Another thing to bear in mind when employing the graph paper map method, is the fact that just because something physically can fit doesn’t necessarily mean it should. After all, you could theoretically fit seven sofas in my living room, but you wouldn’t be able to do a great deal of living in there once you had! Be sure you don’t cram the room too full whilst planning; depending on where you buy your furniture, it may be too late to return it once you’ve laid out the cash. This is especially important if you use online furniture stores, as you won’t be able to get as clear of a picture of the physical space your new furniture occupies until after delivery.

While these suggestions may seem time-consuming and can put a bit of a damper on your excitement when buying new furniture, they are well worth the time required to complete them. By putting this time aside to make sure you are getting the right furniture for less, you can outfit your home for lower prices and enjoy the furniture you love without putting an extra strain on your wallet. Getting organized and researching all the options so you can guarantee the cheapest results will allow you to stretch your budget and purchase as much furniture as you need whilst also making sure your home’s needs are met and you build the house and decorative scheme you’ve always dreamt of. Remember to keep careful track of warranties and receipts. By remembering where you ended up buying your cheap furniture, you’ll also be able to shorten the search next time you need furniture as you’ll be able to go directly to the shop that helped you out the first time.

Despite the amount of time it will take to research these issues properly, cheap furniture can be found and, if you take the time out to do the legwork, you will be able to save sizeable amounts of money by researching the furniture shops available to you until you find the right furniture at the right price. By following the tips outlined in this article, you’ll be able to cut money from your furniture budget and enjoy the furniture you need for the lowest price possible. Enjoy your furniture-hunting and remember that the journey is as much fun as the destination!

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