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Heated floor mats are extremely useful during seasons where the temperature is blistering cold. Heating bills are usually at their peak during these periods as many homes attempt to stay warm and survive the cold. Some of the common methods used to keep warm at this time include frequently switching on central heating systems, electric heaters, space heaters, electric blankets, electric or gas fireplaces and so on. However, heated floor mats represent a different and much cheaper way for households to keep warm.

Floor heat mats are more economical than regular portable home heating solutions such as space heaters. A typical heated floor mat consumes less energy than a standard light bulb, which means less bills, news alone that would leave anyone with a nice warm feeling inside! They also directly tackle the area of the body that is highly sensitive to cold – the feet. Many people do not realise that more often than not if their feet are kept warm their bodies will also generally feel warm.

Similar to a heated tile floor, heated floors and underfloor heating, this radiant heat floor mat works by directing warmth to the feet first. The body’s circulatory system then transfers some of this heat to other areas of the body requiring some warmth. Heated floor mats are particularly useful in and made specifically for freezing cold climates because of their waterproof and firm gripping abilities. They can be used outdoors as well as indoors to prevent slips or falls in areas vulnerable to ice, snow or water, such as in front of doors, showers and bathtubs (for bathroom floor heat), and on steps, by simply doing what they do best – generate heat.

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Floor MatHomes with non-carpet floors also receive great benefits from these floor warming mats, which heat the surface beneath them as they are switched on. They also come with a built-in thermostat that allows users to control and alter the temperature to their personal requirements. This is very useful for keeping the temperature at a level that is uniquely comfortable to the user.

It should be noted that regardless of this function the mat heated floor system should not be used as a way of keeping any home pets warm as it can reach much higher temperatures than that of a pet’s body and could lead to harm.

These particular mats are also very durable and portable. They can be placed anywhere in the home. They are ideal for people who spend long hours on their feet or in cold environments and need very little energy to operate. Additionally, they are a lot safer than other types of heating devices as they are completely waterproof and built to last. This is why many living in cold environments find using a heated floor mat to be a very worthwhile investment. When placed in front of the main entrance the heated floor mat dries any footwear from outside that steps on it to prevent water entering into the home.

This function is extremely helpful for protecting against common slips and falls associated with wet indoor surfaces. By drying the outdoor footwear the floor heating mat also helps eliminate the amount of dirt that is transferred into the home. An added bonus is that instead of warming the whole room like electric space heaters heat mats warm from the feet up ensuring that stiff toes and freezing cold feet receive the maximum attention. This is most useful for those who usually feel the cold in their feet more than any other part of their body.

There are a whole host of heated floor mats available varying in size, quality and functionality. As always, it is essential to consider and compare before buying so that you get the floor mat most fitting to your needs as well as those of your home.

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