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During tough economic times, making small savings where possible can offer you significant financial respite in the long run. Internet, TV and phone services can cost considerable amounts of money if all bought from separate providers, as well as making it more difficult to stay on top of monthly outgoings.

Ten years ago, many internet service providers only offered internet services but as the market continued to grow, ISPs began to offer more and more services to help draw in customers, and created financial benefits for those who consolidated all these services. According to moneywise.com, bundling your TV, broadband and phone services with one provider can now save you almost £250 per year.

Phone and Internet

If you’re happy with Freeview TV, you can find packages for phone and internet for as little as £3 a month with providers such as Sky and BT offering some of the best deals. These cheaper deals may require up-front costs for line installation and modems so be sure to read the small print

The best provider for cheap and fast internet at the moment is Virgin Media, who offer 30mb internet, free weekend calls and a free router for £4.00 a month. If you’re looking for a shorter contract, the most cost effective supplier, Talk Talk has the cheapest deals on the market, with packages starting at £3.25 per month.

Phone TV and Internet packages

BT, Sky and Virgin Media dominate the TV, phone and internet market, with a number of different deals depending on how many TV channels you want.


BTBT’s service is primarily a pay-per-view TV service alongside all the standard Freeview channels, meaning their packages are the cheapest, starting at £4 a month. Their internet connections do come with a download allowance and this is why their service is so cheap. If you consider yourself to be a heavy internet user, opting for a more expensive package or different provider with an uncapped connection is advised.


SkyThe TV giants have started to offer a number of different services in the past 7 years. Their internet, TV and phone packages are some of the most competitive on the market. Prices start at roughly £21 and give you access to many Sky channels, a 14mb program with a 2gb download limit and free evening and weekend calls.

Virgin Media

Virgin MediaIf you’re looking for an uncapped connection, Virgin Media is the best phone, TV and internet supplier hands down. With a range of TV packages, you can choose how many channels you want to suit your budget, making their packages the best for those who don’t want to spend too much money on their monthly utilities. With packages starting from £12 that include 75 TV channels, 30mb internet and free weekend calls, this package seems to be the best all round deal for your money.

Be sure to read the small print to avoid upfront line installation fees and other hidden charges in deals.


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