How to Declutter your Home

Declutter Home

It’s amazing how quickly clutter can build up around the home. We only have limited living space and sharing it with unneeded odds and ends can become a pain. Simple acts like cooking and cleaning become torturous and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get a room to look the way you want it to. When faced with these issues, you know it’s high time you decluttered your house.

Storage space

The easiest way to declutter your house is to stack all your unused items in a loft, basement or other storage space. This works, but you have to remember that this is simply a cosmetic decluttering. The items are still in the house, only they are cluttering up another part of it.

Once these spaces are full, you are left with the dilemma of where to move your clutter onto next. While you could rent storage space, this is expensive and ultimately a waste. Ask yourself what you are achieving by keeping this stuff.

Ultimately you will realize it’s time to get rid, and by then it is likely your once prized possessions will be old and dust covered. The next destination will be undoubtedly be on the scrap heap. This is neither economical for you, nor friendly to the environment.

Letting go

Letting go is the hardest part of decluttering a house, which is why so much stuff ends up in our lofts and garages. It’s funny how we can build sentimental value around the smallest of knick knacks.

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When it comes to DVDs we haven’t watched since the first viewing, or games we say we’ll play through again, we usually know we’re kidding ourselves. If that hasn’t happened in a year, then you know it’s game over. The only way you can complete a successful decluttering operation is to be utterly ruthless.

Making clutter work for you

In this sluggish economic climate, everyone is looking for ways to be more cost effective. It’s because of this that the recycling of possessions for cash has become so popular. People are always looking to find second hand entertainment options.

There are some sites available that offer a simple and hassle free way to sell games, DVDs, CDs, electronics and clothes online. Unlike internet auction sites, you don’t need to dedicate your time to managing your sales and posting them off yourself. Instead you can visit their site, have your item instantly valued online and send your item to them to be sold free of charge. They’ll handle everything else and you simply get paid.

By selling your items you not only declutter your home, but also make a little cash in the process – an added bonus if you’re looking to do up your home. You’re also helping out the environment by ensuring your clutter doesn’t simply find itself cluttering up the local landfill sight instead. Lastly, you’re also giving your once prized possession a new lease on life, which surely pays its sentimental value.


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