How to Fix a Broken Water Pipe

Fix Broken Pipe

For many people in the United Kingdom, DIY is a great and serious passion, but for those who don’t quite know how to fix a broken water pipe for example, the task of repairing something in their own home can quite literally be a living nightmare.

According to, summer weekends are the most popular time for people indulging in their DIY hobbies, with 75% of people attempting some form of DIY without expert opinion or help. Interestingly, on a single weekend 3.9 million women will do some form of DIY.

The figure that everyone is interested in however, is the 13% of DIY projects which will go wrong in some way or another; resulting in the average person stumping up £169 to fix the problem in which they have themselves created.

The biggest problem that these people face is that they underestimate the time and cost of the project in which they start, with damage to ceiling, walls and burst pipes being next in line for the causes of DIY disasters.

But if something such as a burst pipe does occur, what can you do about it exactly?

A burst water pipe is a real water emergency as serious damage can be done to your home with its structure and electrical wiring both being affected. You could therefore consider taking the following precautions to fix a broken water pipe:

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1. Turn off the water supply; this can quite often be found at the main stopcock. The majority of the time, you will find this under the kitchen sink. If you cannot locate it there, it will be found where the service pipe enters your home.

2. The next step that you need to take is to drain the whole water system. As silly as this may sound, it can be achieved by running all of the cold taps and flushing the toilets; ensuring that all of the water is spent throughout the entire system of the house.

3. After you have drained it, it is also important that you turn off all of the heating systems. Once these systems have shut down, you can then turn on the hot water taps so that the system is fully drained.

4. If the broken pipe in question has been leaking near anything electrical, it is important that this is turned off. However, if the mains switch is wet you must not touch it under any circumstances! Wait until the electrician shows up! If you don’t the results could be deadly.

5. If you can, try and gather the water droplets in buckets so that the damage area doesn’t increase.

6. If the ceiling of a particular room appears to be bulging, then it is probably not safe to enter. You may find however, only a slight bulge or blister. In this case, you are very lucky indeed.

Ensuring that it is not above any electrical equipment, you can burst it with a screwdriver or knife. Make sure however, that you place a bucket and some rags underneath it so that you can collect the water.

It is at this point where you will of course need professional help. Wait for the plumber to fix the broken water pipe. If you are unsure about the electricity in your house, wait too for an electrician to ensure your safety.

If there is damage of course, there are people and companies out there which can help. If the damage is in the kitchen there are companies that can help supply parts specifically for the repair of kitchens which have been damaged.


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