Three technologies ideal for smart homes in 2016

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Aside from traditional furniture, a modern home requires tech gadgets to keep it looking smart and efficient. There have been various technologies introduced lately that have turned ordinary houses into smart home. With the dependency on tech growing each year, particularly concerning mobile devices, it has made it easier for many homeowners in transforming their humble abodes into functional and efficient high tech environments.

Data presented by research firm Statista projects that the smart homes global market will grow by up to $58.68 billion in the next four years (2020), which is a great leap from the $20.38 billion in 2014. This is proof that many homeowners are now looking at ways to turn their houses into smart homes in the coming years.

In general, technology has changed our approach to many things – from the homes we live in to the way people consume entertainment (movies, TV shows, games). In particular, games are now heavily consumed on mobile devices rather than on PCs or consoles, where huge gaming developers, such as Gaming Realms, has admitted in industry studies that most of their revenue now comes from mobile players.

Although many of their games are still accessible via other platforms, they will be focusing more on social and mobile gaming after the success of their award-winning casino titles hosted on Pocketfruity. Many game developers are now following this trend as they have tapped into the convenience it offers to players. And the same concept applies to apps, mobile accessories and capabilities in general, hence why many are now using high-tech gadgets in their homes, as they find smart appliances and furniture cost-efficient and handy, especially for modern homeowners.

If you are planning to invest in smart home gadgets, here’s three of the must-have technologies worth purchasing this year.

philips communications

1. Philips’ Hue starter kit
A set of Philips Hue light bulbs with its smart controller allows a homeowner to turn on and off their lighting at home as well as change its color remotely via its paired app available to download on mobile. The brightness can also be altered and even synched with other apps, so the lights will flash when a smartphone receives a notification. Users can control as many as 50 lights simultaneously with a single app account.

nest thermostat

2. Nest thermostat
Do you want the temperature in your house to be perfect by the time you reach home? This is now possible with the help of Nest’s smart thermostat that can be controlled remotely via your smartphone even when away from the house. It learns from habits, and even adjusts the temperature accordingly based on the weather outside. In a recent post about the product, Trusted Reviews gave it a 4.5-star rating.

yale keyless

3. Yale Keyless Connected smart lock
Smart homes have started using integrated keyless locks recently, so why should you miss out? Samsung has already created a system for their ‘smart home’ project, but a popular key manufacturer has changed its traditional process and is now building a smart lock and key for homes. Using a PIN code set by homeowners, they can virtually and securely open their homes by just pressing the codes and hovering the smart key over the control panel on the door.


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