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It’s finally springtime – time to dust off those cobwebs and start getting a little sunshine in your life. When the sun starts to shine, everyone is happier. People walking past in the street will wave good morning, people start singing in the shower and everyone has a smile on their face.

But this feel good factor doesn’t have to be restricted to summertime spent outdoors, but can also be achieved inside your home with the right interior design. Come rain or shine, these interior trends will always give you reason to smile.

Natural light

Although the use of natural light isn’t exactly a revolutionary idea, it’s surprising just how much it can affect the mood of a room. To ensure that you are getting enough natural light in your house, think about the height of the windows and how they’re dressed.

Install a skylight and get rid of those thick curtains during the summer whilst setting up mirrors in strategic positions to reflect as much light as possible. Glossy or stainless steel services can also help keep things illuminated, so why not consider them when shopping for furniture, fixtures and accessories?

Printed fabrics

Interior Design FabricsA popular interior trend is the use of decorative printed fabrics. There are all sorts of patterns you could add to the home, from geometric designs to luxurious animal prints. The best thing is that by adding unique fabrics, you can be confident that your design isn’t sitting in someone else’s house too.

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To really lift your mood, choose bright contemporary prints and colourful graphics or soft floral designs. Show off your personality by choosing bold prints that make you smile every time you see them.

Warm colours

If you walked into a dark room, full of blacks, greys and browns, would you smile? The use of colour around the home is a big factor in whether your interior design will make you smile or frown, so opt for warm colours such as red, orange and yellow. These are associated with heat and sunshine – the perfect symbol to put a smile on your face.

Designing your home

The most important thing to remember when designing your home is that although there are fashions and trends in the world of interior design, you should follow your instinct and go with what improves your mood. Visit reputable sites such as This Old House to see if any of their fantastic fitted kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms bring a smile to your face.


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