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Lighting Just Candles is an excellent way to add greater depth to the home atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors, so much so that many would support using them one hundred percent. They have a unique ability of creating an ambience and setting a mood whenever and wherever required. While most users only think about getting their candles out during holidays or special occasions and using them in specific locations, it is actually possible to use them anywhere in and out of the home any time of the year.

There are plenty of candles to choose from, all made from different shapes, scents and sizes, so you are sure to find one to suit your liking. If you need candles to place outside on your deck or patio, Just Candles are a great way to add that special aroma and ambient lighting that will draw you and your guests into the surroundings. They are very useful when spread around tables, using an outdoor kitchen or even out in the yard around a swimming pool. Of course, such candles are more popularly associated with indoor scenarios where they are safe from the disruption of bad weather. This is usually for the purpose of relaxing alone, with family or even with friends. These candles not only produce pleasing fragrances, but serve their original purpose of providing toned light. Candlelight is soft and intimate, and can be just what is required for a nice romantic dinner, soothing bath or peaceful setting. These can also come in the form of unscented candles which means that if it is just the candlelight effect that is being sought after then that is fine too.

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However, it is fair to say that scented candles are the favourite choice compared to the unscented versions mainly because of the added sensation they provide. They are mostly placed in bedrooms and bathrooms where people spend the majority of their time unwinding. For example, a calming scent of lavender or vanilla may be just what is needed to soothe the senses after a stressful day. An important thing to look for in scented candles is that the fragrance can easily be transferred into the air. This is termed as ‘throw’ and basically means ‘getting the fragrance into the air’. Generally speaking, some candles have a much stronger ‘throw’ than others. If you are looking for more candles that are more aesthetically pleasing acquiring decorative candles is the way to go.

Yankee Candles
Scented CandlesThis popular company makes great scented candles that smell exactly like their fragranced names. For instance, the fresh strawberry fragrance smells so much like real strawberries. Similarly, the very popular ‘macintosh’ apple candle smells just like a fresh apple. As well as smelling great, these candles also burn very well. Like with most candles, it is advised that the wicks are trimmed down initially so that soot does not build up and produce smoke. Good value for money can be found with the apothecary style jar candles. The Yankee Company also offers a range of aromatherapy spa candles similar to those found in massage parlours and relaxation centres.

To give you a good idea of the right types to look for here are some great examples of Just Candles:

Farmhouse Apple Tart
First impressions, this candle may leave some sceptical, bringing us to lesson number one when searching for Just Candles – never be put off by the name. This candle has a lovely smell to it that encourages the feeling of happiness. It is the type of scent that will invoke some warm memories to the point that you will want to use it again and again. The ‘throw’ is also strong enough to make a whole master bedroom smell wonderful which can be quite a surprise considering the size of the candle. It is safe to say, this is a great scented and long lasting candle, which also has a nice colour as well. It can be burned anytime of the year, but more supremely during the fall or autumn season.

Christmas Cookie
Yankee CandlesThis is a very popular scented variation in the Just Candles range. It has a good ‘throw’ in the room, so it smells fantastic all through, without being overwhelming or attracting the wrong type of attention associated with a smell that is too strong. Instead, this scent is subtle and nice, and the candle also burns both lightly and brightly too.

Island Spa
This is a beautiful candle from the Yankee company’s Aromatherapy Spa Line, and the picture on the jar is wonderfully soothing, resembling a beautiful tropical island and exuding the feeling of calm and enjoyment. Although this candle is more capable of getting the fragrance into the air in a smaller room, without a jar topper, it also smells very nice in larger rooms as well, with a scent that is similar to a citrus mixed with an ocean breeze. It is a pleasing fragrance as much or more than others available.

Berry Tangerine
CandleBerry Tangerine is another surprisingly wonderful candle. The fragrance is sweet and tart, which is quite straightforward and smells exactly like what you would expect ripe berries and tangerines to smell like together. It is a nice candle to burn during the summer, and can be covered with a little glass topper to make it appear like a small lamp. There are also various decorations on it, such as etched glass designs as well as painted designs. Occasional maintenance is required like wiping out any black soot which is minimized with a topper of some kind. It keeps the wick burning evenly thus less smoking involved. The colour is also nice, resembling a ripe cherry or orangey red tone. This is definitely a summertime fragrance that doesn’t have too much “throw”, but that can still be smelt well even in a large room.

Raspberry Tart
This fragranced candle does not disappoint. The colour is a deep rich raspberry, and the candle itself smells like a wonderfully sweet raspberry cobbler or pie. The fragrance it releases is one of those that makes you wonder what it is that smells so good. Then you realize it is that new candle fragrance you just put out. This candle comes highly recommended and would make a nice gift as well.

As you may have gathered, there are many different types of candles available. Some of the most common are container, tapers, block, votives, tea and pillar candles, all of which come in various types of holders. These holders are often made from metal, ceramic, glass, and wood. They range from very simple stands and dishes to very fancy, decorative containers. Just about anything can be made into a container for candles. The main thing you need to remember is to make sure that the flame will not ignite any part of the candle holder or nearby surface.

These candles can be found at many craft, home decor and discount stores. They come in almost every colour imaginable so it is very easy to find ones that can either match, blend or harmonise with your home’s colour scheme. Prices of Just Candles will vary according to the type of wax used in making the candle and to what type of intricate form it takes. As a rule, the drip-less or slow burning candles are usually a little more expensive than other types.


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