Extracting the best from your Kitchen Ventilation System

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Residential ventilation systems help to keep areas of your home, such as the kitchen and bathroom, properly ventilated. Examples of the options available include fans, range hoods, and heaters to name a few. One common item of interest for many consumers includes a wall or ceiling exhaust fan that would provide adequate air circulation to control smoke, heat, odors, and grease. Selecting an item of this nature for your kitchen area may require you to know some basic information to insure the best option is chosen to meet your needs among the wide selection available.

Ventilating your Kitchen

In reviewing available products you should become familiar with different types of air circulation fans designed for this purpose. As previously mentioned, consumers have a wide range of fans to choose from thanks to the selection manufacturers provide. A range hood is a popular option when it comes to kitchen exhaust fans. They are available in different sizes in which they can be installed underneath cabinet areas directly over the stove. There is a chimney style option that helps direct steam, smoke, and other air debris upward to prevent it from spreading throughout the kitchen. Other types to get acquainted with include insert liner, blower, and downdraft that promotes self-containment on cook tops. It helps to view a photo or to review each model to get an idea of how it may look in your kitchen.

Choosing the best option

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When choosing a quality product you need to be aware of different types while understanding their unique purpose. This means that you should have a clear idea of what kind of ventilation your kitchen needs in order to obtain it efficiently. Do you have an idea of how the exhaust fan kitchen system would be mounted or what type of ventilation you need it to provide? A fan can be mounted to your wall in the kitchen using different methods depending on the type of fan being used. It can also be mounted to the ceiling, wall, inside a cabinet, or onto a cabinet. Have an idea of measurements, size, and space capacity for where you want the fan to be installed. Review ventilation types; some fans recirculate air with filters while others use special ducts to circulate the air outside. An authorized dealer should be able to provide professional advice on the relevant details of your chosen fan unit and installation method.

Other choices to consider

A range hood and other ventilation products for kitchen areas are available in different colors. Common colors include stainless steel, white, black and stainless appearance. Your option may depend on your kitchen color scheme or the color of your appliances. When reviewing fan options or any product of this nature, there are certain words or terminologies you need to get familiar with. For example, a term such as CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) is used to refer to the amount of air that can be removed from a certain area or space by the exhaust fan within a minute. It is wise to compare prices of the ventilation products you come across and seek advice from several professional dealers and installers before making a final decision.


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