Top Ten Benefits of L.E.D. Lighting

LED Lighting

In a world where environmental matters are taking a higher priority, more focus than ever is being put onto energy conservation and the good of the planet.

So here are ten reasons why you should consider LED lights as an option for the next time you consider lighting for your home!

Durable in Construction
Unlike conventional light bulbs, LED spotlights are extremely durable and can withstand sudden shocks and vibrations; making them great for outdoor environments or places such as construction sites where you may expect a greater amount of activity and movement. You can buy LED Spotlights online at places such as the LED Lighting Depot.

Operational in extreme temperatures
LED lights are perfect for winter periods where you can expect the temperature to drop into the minus end of the thermometer.

Fluorescent lamps for example can be severely affected by low temperatures so when you do expect the winter weather to change, perhaps it is time to turn to LED.

Design Flexibility
Unlike conventional lights, LEDs are extremely flexible in designed and can be formed into any shape to produce the perfect illumination.

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In fact, you can even design an LED lighting system to differ in brightness so that you can achieve a dynamic and creative control of the system.

LED LightsUnknown to most is the fact that the average white LED lamp can survive up to 100,000 hours; that’s 11 full years of operation or 22 years of operation if left on 50 per cent capacity.

This is one of the primary benefits of LED lighting and offers a stark contrast to incandescent bulbs which only have lifespans of 5000 hours.

Zero UV Emissions
Unlike other lighting sources, LED illumination only produces minute amounts of infrared light and even less UV emissions.

This means that LED lights are used in many museums and art galleries to protect sensitive objects such as paintings and ancient scrolls.

High Energy Efficiency
Whereas traditional light bulbs around the house may only use 20 per cent of their energy efficiency, with 80 per cent of the energy being lost as heat, it is estimated that the average LED light operates at a rate of 80 to 90 per cent efficiency.

This means for example that you could save roughly £50 a year on electricity if compared to conventional forms of lighting which are present throughout our homes.

Ecologically friendly
Unlike many of the lights which we choose to use in our own homes, LED lights come free of any toxic chemicals.

Fluorescent light bulbs for example contain many toxic chemicals such as Mercury, which is dangerous to the environment.

Not only do they contain toxic chemicals, but they are also fully recyclable and may even help you reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third.

Just by installing LED lights into your home or business, you are choosing to make a big step towards saving the environment; one of the greatest bonuses that you can get out of any household or business product.

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