The Memory Foam Mattress Pad Explained

Memory Foam Mattress Pad

A memory foam mattress pad transforms itself to fit the exact shape of anybody that lies on it. It is made from one of the most comfortable and sought after materials for the home (memory foam) which provides quality unequalled by other ‘regular’ mattress toppers and mattresses. But that’s not all. There are some further advantages to this revolutionary pad many people do not know about.

Those suffering from allergies may be pleased to know that a memory foam mattress pad offers some form of resistance against dust mites. However, because these tiny little creatures lurk anywhere loose skin cells are foam pads and other mattress pads alone are not enough to completely keep them away. The best way to stop dust mites dwelling on your memory foam mattress topper is to fit an Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector around it. This is an expert protector that provides a solid barrier between you and your mattress pad. It is also washable at 60⁰C, the temperature that destroys dust mites.

Alternatively, if you are more concerned with maintaining your mattress pads and protecting it from dirt a memory foam mattress cover (which is washable at 40⁰C) is a good option. It is strongly advised that memory foam mattress pads themselves are not washed as the foam takes a considerably long time to dry, so any of these protective coverings would be worthwhile purchase.

Also sometimes referred to as a visco memory foam mattress pad, this bed accessory has the ability to react to your body heat while retaining it at the same time. This attribute is more dominantly associated with high density memory foam mattress pads which react to your body heat by softening while simultaneously conforming to the shape of your body to give it the right amount of support it needs. Heat from bed accessories such as electric blankets can deform the foam’s visco-elastic properties and reduce its moulding abilities, so it is recommended that such products are not used with a mattress pad.

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Memory foam mattress pads retain body heat a lot more effectively than regular pads or mattresses so you will generally feel more warmth in your bedas you use them. They can also be used as standalone additional mattresses, meaning they are not just bound to the top of an existing mattress. However, if you do intend to use them for this purpose it is essential that they are placed on solid ground so that their shaping qualities can be preserved. It is not necessary to flip memory foam mattress pads as they do not sag like common mattresses.

You also may not have known that memory foam mattress toppers turn yellow as they age. This is simply the result of a natural chemical reaction they have with the oxygen in the air. It is completely normal and has no effect on its qualities. Memory foam mattress pads emit a strong chemical smell when new so it is also a good idea to air them out when you first buy them.

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