Things to do before Painting your Floor

Floor Painting

Are you dreading painting your floor? If so we have created a simple, helpful and straightforward guide with steps to follow.

Brush away the dirt

If you want to achieve the desired result, the first thing to do before painting is make sure the floor is clean, as this will help paint to be applied easier. Use either a brush or a vacuum to clean the dirt from the floor.

Soap and wash

Once you have finished sweeping, you will need to wash the floor. Your weapon is bleach mixed with water in a 50-50 mixture. Make sure you leave the window open so air can enter and circulate freely and then rub the floor to brighten. The last thing to do is to clean the bleach left by mopping the floor and letting it dry.

Fix and Mend

At this stage you need to make sure there are no cracks as they can be a real headache and ruin your painted surfaces just like when you redo you decks and have to make sure you everything is fixed before you use decking paint and standard paint.

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Fill in the cracks and let the area dry. After this, brush the surface to make it smoother and remove all extra fragments. Once these are removed mix a bit of water and a muriatic acid, and apply it on the floor letting the liquid to bubble. When the bubbling stops, mop the floor until it has no excess water and let it dry. NOTE: you will need to wear thick rubber gloves to do this.

Free from dirt

Once the floor dries, vacuum it to make sure you get rid of any scattered fragments. It is also important to ensure that the floor is completely cleaned from the muriatic acid.

Paint and create

Once the above is done you are now ready to paint your floor. Make sure you look for a paint that is hard wearing as well as scratch resistant. After this you can finally say hello to your new painted floor! And from here you can apply all the deck oil available.

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