Five Reasons Portable Heating Hire Services Can Be Invaluable

Portable Heating Hire

With recent media reports showing that two thirds of people are already worried about their winter heating bills, portable heating hire is a hot topic. It’s because so many people are worried about the winter that heating hire is so valuable at this time of year. Why?

More Efficiency
However well maintained a central heating system is, either at home or in the workplace, there is always a risk of inefficiency. The simple fact that the water often has to travel such long distances between the boiler and where it is needed means there will always be wasted heat.

Radiators need constant maintenance from bleeding to repairing and this work is often neglected again, reducing the efficiency of the system and ultimately costing more. Hired heating is often brand new, always well maintained and can be relied on for maximum efficiency.

Greater Reliability
As noted above, hired heating is consistently and thoroughly maintained resulting in not only a greater efficiency, but also increased reliability. Breakdowns, although not impossible, are far less likely on a hired device than on that shuddery old boiler working around the clock.

There should be a safety net with hired heating that you wouldn’t have with a built-in system and that is instant replacement. If the heater breaks then you should be provided with another unit as quickly as possible. If your boiler breaks, all you’re left with is a costly repair.

Admittedly, modern heating systems do have individual thermostats on each radiator so, theoretically, you can only heat the parts of the building that you need. However, there aren’t many who are diligent enough to carry this through so often rooms are heated for no reason resulting in wasted heat and wasted money.

Portable heating’s beauty is in its portability. Taking the unit with you, or transporting it from room to room as needed means that no room is heated without need.

Advanced Technology
The advanced technology present in today’s convector units, ceramic heaters and fan assisted warmers (not to mention the super gas fired units) means that heat is called upon quickly and dispelled at your leisure.

Rather than wasting time and money heating a tank of water to be sent around the system, or even worse, waiting for an inefficient electric heater to warm up, hired heating uses cutting edge technology that will provide you with instant, cost saving heat.

Seasonal Expenditure
You wouldn’t dream of fitting air conditioning or fans to a building where they are only to be used for a handful of months every year so in a way it’s ludicrous for us to have central heating systems that will only be put to work for, at most, a quarter of the year.

Once winter has passed and spring arrives, the majority of people can forget about heating. With hired heating there is no maintenance or storage costs and the devices will be waiting for you next year, brand new and ready to warm you.

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