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When it comes to buying reliable sprinkler systems, it can seem like finding the right one is virtually impossible. But don’t worry – help is at hand. Looking for a sprinkler solution that suits your needs and remains reliable throughout the years is not as hard as it may seem, and if you’re willing and able to put some time into your search you will be able to find what you need without too much trouble – and without paying an arm and a leg.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of system you wish to install. There is a wide range available, and choosing the sort you need is important. This can vary according to the environment you’re installing the system in, but may also have varying levels of reliability. As such, you’ll want to research each possible option carefully as you look for the ideal sprinkler solution for your situation.

If the ambient temperature in the space for which you need the sprinkler will be quite low and could potentially freeze the water in a sprinkler pipe, a dry pipe system is going to be ideal. These systems will be incapable of leaking; no water is in the pipes until and unless the sprinkler needs to discharge to prevent or curtail a fire. They are, however, very complex and as such they are less reliable. They will also cost a fair amount of money to install, and due to the nature of their setup there could be a delay of up to one full minute between the fire’s detection and the sprinkler’s activity. Obviously, that may not be an acceptable response time, depending on your needs and purposes.

Wet pipe sprinklers, on the other hand, the most common and most reliable sprinkler systems, are a very simple type of system. As there are few operational parts, these systems are unlikely to fail and due to the simplicity of the system they are also easier and more affordable in terms of setup costs. But be aware that, as the water is always in the pipes, leaks are possible and could occur. That said, in most situations this is the system for you.

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If the area you’re trying to protect contains any flammable liquids, you won’t want to use a plain water sprinkler. A foam water system will spray out a mixture of water and foam which will combine to a foam spray. This system is only relevant to very specific situations wherein water could aggravate the situation in case of a fire.

Deluge systems are systems designed specifically for situations where a fire would spread especially quickly. This system is activated by the fire alarm or by a manual control and, once triggered, will flood the area affected from all sprinklers simultaneously. While these are great systems they will soak the entire area so may be overkill for most situations. A water spray system is similar in nature, but is usually configured for a specific target, and while these are reliable sprinklers they are very specialized in their nature and should be used only in the types of situations they are designed for.

Sprinkler SystemsPre-action sprinklers are specifically designed for places where accidental leakage could cause a large amount of damage, such as areas containing large amounts of electronic equipment or works of art. These systems are quite complex, but in a residential or private situation they are almost never applicable, which is positive as they are quite costly to install.

Finally, the water mist fire suppression system may be an alternative method akin to sprinklers. This is not often used, but can be a good idea when you have worries about damage caused by the sprinkler. The heat from the fire causes the water to evaporate into steam which smothers the fire as a result. Unfortunately, this system is susceptible to failure because the fire has to reach a certain temperature in order for it to work at all. That said, it is an incomparable way to remove the fire without damaging the surroundings.

Sprinklers are designed with one of two goals in mind. Some are specifically designed to suppress the fire, which means they will aim to extinguish the fire entirely without external assistance from firefighters or other services. Others aim to control the fire, minimizing the spread and damage caused until fire rescue services arrive and take control of the situation.

When you’re looking to have a system installed, you’ll need to be prepared for extensive research to be done. If the company you contract is reliable then they will look at your property on an in-depth level to decide what your needs are and how best to meet them. As such, finding a reliable company is a little easier; you’ll be able to tell how serious the company in question is by how seriously they take the task of protecting your home from the dangers of fire. You can expect to pay anywhere between $2 and $5 per square foot of your home, so it’s possible for you to plan on a reasonable budget. However, it is fairly self-explanatory that paying a bit more for that extra bit of protection and reliability is a perfectly reasonable course of action.

One way of ensuring that you are contracting a reliable sprinkler company, is by doing plenty of research. The Better Business Bureau may be able to help you find out if there have been any issues with the company of your choice in the past, and of course you should Google the company name and ensure your company of choice hasn’t come up in any news or with any major issues. This allows you to ensure that there haven’t been any major problems with this specific company. Although it is common for there to be a few unhappy customers without there being call to assume the company is unreliable as a rule, a large number of customer complaints or word of large-scale sprinkler malfunction would be good reasons to turn away. After all, you need a reliable system to ensure the safety of your family, pets, home and possessions.

Reliable SprinklerResidential sprinkler systems may seem like overkill, especially if you have smoke detectors already installed. However, considering the fact that people are practically never killed during fires in fully ‘sprinklered’ structures, it may be more than worth the money to install one. Obviously, you can’t put a price on safety; however, these systems are reasonably inexpensive provided the water supply piping is large enough to accommodate the system. As such, they may be the ideal way to ensure a fire does the minimal amount of damage to your home.

Looking into the materials being used by the company you contract can also help you to ensure your system is reliable. You want to make sure you get the best materials and supplies possible as this will raise the likelihood of reliability in a pinch. This is where you will be happy again that you looked for the right company and took the time to research your chosen installers carefully. A company which you feel you can rely on will be able to inform you as to which supplies will be best for both your situation and the quality you require. If you feel you can trust these people you will be comfortable accepting their judgment, and with full disclosure as to your precise budget they should be able to work everything out accurately so you’ll be able to afford the best supplies available to you.

Remember, when calculating the cost, that you could be saving enormous amounts of money in terms of losses when or if there is a fire. Across America, the average loss in the event of a fire is $10,300 in ‘unsprinklered’ buildings. Even with home insurance, that equates to a large amount of stress and worry. With a sprinkler installed, however, that average goes down to $2,300. As such, spending some money now could really make a difference in the future, and could save you a large amount of stress, as well as the loss of emotionally significant items.

If you can trust the company you have contracted to use a reliable sprinkler head and other reliable materials, your system will be a great comfort to you. No longer will you need to worry that your fire safety measures are inadequate; sprinkler systems are very good for fire prevention and management. That peace of mind alone, as well as the possible saving of lives and property, makes this type of system a very good idea, even in the humblest of residential settings.

So if you want to sleep peacefully in the knowledge that your home and its inhabitants are safe, you should definitely look into having a sprinkler unit installed, allowing everyone to live in the knowledge that they are safe and will not be likely to come to any harm from fire.


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