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Whether you have a disability or live with someone who does, a stair lift can change the running of your home in an instant. Enabling someone to access both upstairs and downstairs in an instant and on their own can make such a difference to a household. The key question is which stair lift to use and why.

When choosing the right stair lift for your house, you need to look at who is manufacturing a stairlift and what they have to offer.

Sales and Installation

Once you have consulted with an experienced stairlift salesperson and chosen the stairlift for you, you need a manufacturer who will be with you every step through the installation process. You should be able to choose the rail lines and how you want your stairlift to sit. You need to be able to be as involved as you like in the installation process so that you are happy with the work being carried out. You want the installation to be convenient and hassle free.

Safety and Security

An important and key element when choosing a stairlift is the safety and security of the product. You need to make sure that the manufacturing complies with European safety standards. It is even better if the manufacturers are members of the British Healthcare Trades Association and Lift and Escalator Industry Association, this way you know that your safety is paramount to them.


Whichever stairlift manufacturer you choose, you need one who has a 24 hour care line so that you can speak to someone at any time of the day, any day of the year. It’s always best to check what warranty comes with the product too. A good manufacturer will offer a two year warranty and one or two free service checks.

When you no longer require the use of your stairlift, your manufacturer should remove and dispose of it in accordance with national environmental standards. Some manufacturers will offer a buy back scheme so that they can recondition your stairlift to sell on.

These buy back schemes tend to offer between 5-10% of the original selling price. This is a great way to recuperate some of your money spent so it can go towards a new stairlift or simply a nice treat for yourself or a loved one.


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