Top 11 things you should Clean more often

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After hours of scrubbing, polishing and sweeping you might think you’ve got dirt busted, but here are 11 everyday things you might want to include in your next cleaning session:

Cotton buds are out as they can damage your ears. Instead, gently cleanse the outside as part of your daily skin routine.

Washing machine
Keep those efficient washing machines in top condition by adding a cup of white wine vinegar to the drum and running an empty hot wash.

Credit cards
Wipe cards occasionally with a soft cloth or antibacterial wipe to keep them germ-free and prevent dust particles from messing with the chip.

Computer keyboard
Store specially made wipes in your desk drawer and give your keyboard and screen a regular clean.

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To banish limescale, boil the kettle then add white wine vinegar. Leave to stand for an hour before rinsing to keep your kettle as good as new.

Avoid that burnt toast smell by cleaning out your toaster’s crumb tray regularly, and turning the (cooled) toaster over a bin to empty any stray bits from the slots.

A quick vacuum of the mattress when you change the sheets will help banish bugs. Turn the mattress regularly and use a mattress protector to keep your bed fresh, but remember this will need an occasional wash too.

Mobile phone
One of the dirtiest objects we own, be sure to regularly clean your mobile with an antibacterial wipe.

A quick wipe after every use with hot soapy water is all you need to keep your microwave clean, and doesn’t take much effort if you work it in with the washing up.

Toothbrush holder
Pop cups or freestanding holders in the dishwasher, or give wall-mounted designs a scrub whenever you clean the sink.

Remote control
A quick clean of the remote with an antibacterial wipe will prevent germs being transferred when you change the channel.

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