How to Create an Easy Access Bathroom that’s Functional – and Luxurious

Walk In Baths

Designing or refurbishing a bathroom to accommodate an elderly parent or other family member with mobility issues can be a challenge – especially when you also want to create an inviting and relaxing space.

However, with a little planning and the addition of carefully selected features like a walk in bath or walk in shower, your new bathroom can be everything you want and need.

We’ll look at how you can add some luxury below, but first let’s consider a few tips for improving the functionality of your bathroom.

Tips for a Functional Bathroom

  • The doorway width for the main door to the bathroom and all interior doorways should be 36 inches, as this gives ample room for wheelchairs, crutches or other mobility supports.
  • Walk in baths and showers are available in a range of sizes, so go with a size that fits your bathroom. Small walk in baths can fit easily into a corner and allow the bather to sit upright, while full-sized baths let the user recline in comfort.
  • Walk in showers have low clearance entries and provide the user with a sturdy built-in seat, while low shower controls and a hand shower extension make showering a very comfortable experience for the bather.
  • Comfort height toilets are 17 inches high, a full two inches higher than a standard height toilet. And, if this is not high enough, you can purchase a raised toilet seat that will bring the height up by another five to six inches.
  • Safety rails should be added on one or both sides of the toilet, and should certainly be a feature of your walk in bath or shower as well.

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Adding Luxury to Your Easy Access Bathroom

  • Here are some inexpensive things you can do to transform your easy access bathroom from a purely functional space to a relaxing spa-like retreat.
  • Keep your design simple. The best way to create a relaxing space is to keep it free from clutter. Design your bathroom with plenty of shelves and drawers so there’s no need to pile things on the counters.
  • Additionally, keep the design of the bathroom cabinets sleek – avoid too many fancy edges. Not only will this make the room easier to clean, it will also contribute to the overall spa-like feeling you’re trying to create.
  • Use soothing colours. For most people, soft blues, greens and tans will do the trick, while others prefer warm reds and oranges. Stay away from the standard white – not only is it difficult to keep clean, it doesn’t have the same soothing effect.
  • Invest in great towels. Another simple way to add luxury to your bathroom is with thick, fluffy towels – the kind you’d get at a fancy hotel. Don’t you deserve those towels at home too?
  • Add a towel warmer. Towel warmers can be wall mounted or simply stand on the floor. They do a great job of gently warming up your towels, bathrobe or even your clothes for the day. Warmers do require access to an electrical outlet, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Use these guidelines as you plan your new accessible bathroom space and you’ll create a wonderful haven for your entire family.

There are specialist mobility companies that can help you plan and create the easy access bathroom that’s perfectly suited for your situation. Most will offer a large range of walk in baths and walk in showers, all manufactured to the highest standards as well as a lifetime guarantee. For more details, shop around for providers and always compare around three of the best options you find.


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